7 things to look forward to when moving in with your partner.

So you are ready to move in with your significant other, here is a list of 7 things to look forward to and what to expect when you make the move.

1. You will wake up next to your best friend every day.

There is no denying seeing your significant other nestled up and in calm sleep can really make your heart strings play a sweet tune. There is no better time to rest and cuddle up then in the early hours of a fresh day! Make sure to always compliment your partner, even when their hair is as tall as the head board.

2. You will have someone to binge watch Netflix all day with.

There is nothing better than watching your favorite show with your favorite person. You will find a lot of your days were consumed together and now you can relax a little and enjoy your new place. DO NOT watch ahead of your significant other, NO ONE needs that negativity.

3. You will cook a lot more often than you expected.

There is something to love about cooking with a partner. You work for an hour creating something together and then enjoying it afterwards. You will see the look on their face and know you both made that. Don’t let the first fail dull your shine in the culinary kingdom!

4. You will learn a lot about your partner in the passing nights.

There is something about a late night talk that really let’s your emotions fly. There are going to be nights you laugh until you can’t see straight, BUT there will be nights where you are going to see tears. Find a cozy place in your home cuddle up and let the water flow.

5. You will start seeing the “quirkier” side of your significant other.

We all just have to break away from our social structures when we get home. From having to be the perfect employee, friend, person etc. Let them be themselves. Let them be messy for a day, you’re not perfect and either are they. Figure out what works for you, but be patient with your significant other.

6. You will find out, there are no more boundaries.

Need to use the bathroom? SURPRISE, so does your partner. There will be many times where you feel you have a shadow or just need to be alone, but embrace the comfort you will be given. There is nothing like someone showing their flaws and vulnerability.

7. You will fight.

It is inevitable, you are in close proximity of each other. You rarely ever have a full 24 hours to yourself and now you can’t escape when things get hard. BREATHE. Relax and talk, find your own space in the home and cool down. It is important to understand this is normal to disagree or get a little annoyed with each other.

Now you know what to expect, or at least the tip of the ice berg.

Happy Valentines season and Happy Moving.

  • Written by Ben Pace

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